Inside the Water-Zoo

Families in the Activity Pool of the Water-Zoo in Clinton, Oklahoma

Step into the wild at the Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park where it is 82 degrees year round. Enjoy more than 300,000 gallons of water, 500 feet of water slides, retractable roof, and lots of sprays and splashes. Staying indoors has never been so much fun!

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    • We have a full line of concessions. If you are staying at the hotel please feel free to bring your game console with you. Hampton Inn has a hot tub.

    • Big slides must be 42″ to ride. Children 42″ and over may ride with an adult in a double tube. One person per tube, single tube.

  1. Will a class of high school seniors enjoy this water park for 4 hours, or is it mainly for younger children?

    • Yes! Everyone can enjoy our park. There are three large slides as well as a lazy river and wave pool that will entertain the young adults. They can also shoot hoops in the activity pool.

        • They will need to wear a life jacket when in the wave pool, activity pool and lazy river (must be coast guard approved if you bring your own, we do have some life jackets available for use). Depending on their height they can ride slides (without life jacket) which are about 2 feet deep at the end. Nothing is above 4 1/2 feet deep.

    • Hi Barbra Jean! YES!! A group of 50 year old hillbillies will enjoy this water park! You can relax in the loungers by the pools or ride the slides and relax in the lazy river (ride your tube around a river shaped pool that runs through the park – per your previous question)

  2. “Children 42″ and over may ride with an adult in a double tube.”

    Does this mean my husband and I could go together on a double tube and that our daughter could ride on it as well (between our legs)?

  3. Do you have to have a tube to go down the slides? Can I wear a pair of shorts over the bottom of my swimsuit in the water?

    • There are slides that require tubes and slides that do not. You can wear shorts with no buttons, zippers, fasteners, etc (so they don’t get caught on anything and so they don’t scratch the slides)

  4. Can you bring in small coolers with drinks and snacks? Can you rent a locker to store your towels, phone, money, etc? Are towels provided or do we bring our own?

    • Water-Zoo has a concession area and offers various food items from burgers to salads and nachos to Dippin’ Dots. Outside food and drinks are not allowed. There are lockers for rent to store your personal items. There are towels on site but it is suggested that you bring your own as well.

    • The park is an indoor park with a retractable roof. During the winter and cooler days the roof remains closed. When temps heat up, the roof slides open. The slides do weave outside the building and back in but they are all enclosed so you don’t experience the elements of the weather. Thank you for your inquiry and hope to see you soon!

  5. Is there a place for someone to dry before leaving out of the park on their way home or do you leave completely wet? And shorts are approved correct

    • We have bathrooms and shower rooms available for changing clothes. Shorts are approved as long as they don’t have rivets, buttons, zippers or anything that could become caught on a slide or scratch a slide. Thank you very much for asking and have a wonderful time at the Water-Zoo!

    • The party rooms hold 15-18 in the smallest room, up to 40 in the largest. Other arrangements can be made to accommodate larger parties. Yes, you can decorate the rooms within reason. You can bring cake, cupcakes and/or cookies.

  6. I’m the grandparent. I don’t care to go in the water but would like to watch the grand kids. Can I just watch ? What’s the cost?

  7. My son is 36″ tall what can he ride??? He’s tall enough for about everything at white water but don’t wanna come out if he can’t ride anything.

    • At 36″ your son is tall enough for 4 of our slides, the lazy river, the wave pool, the activity pool, the kids splash zone and the Cub’s Cove.

    • We recommend the Holiday Inn Express, Clinton or the Hampton Inn, Clinton. We have hotel/Water-Zoo Packages with both.

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