39 thoughts on “See Water-Zoo in action!

  1. Is this something that would require parents (or yet grandparents)to participate with the kids – help, etc. or something the kids are able to do on their own?

    • This depends on the age of the children. They must be accompanied by an adult if they are under the age of 12. We have several chairs and chaise loungers for your relaxation.

    • YES! The cubs cove is perfect for both children and the 4 year old would also enjoy the mezzanine area with the huge dumping bucket and smaller slides.

  2. I am 50 and my husband is 63. Will we have fun in the water or is it strictly for kids. The others are 10,11,12 and 24.

    • Yes, you will have fun at the water park. You can take on the towering slides or relax in the lazy river and wave pool. You just might have to “show ’em how it’s done!”

        • Hi Mariah,
          We have basket balls at the park for your use.

          Prices are as follows:

          Daily Admission
          $21.99 Guests under 48″
          $31.99 Guests 48″ & taller
          Under 3 years FREE
          Daily Admission AFTER 5 PM
          $15.99 Guests under 48″
          $21.99 Guests 48″ & taller

    • The air temperature is kept around 82° and the water is a bit warmer than the air. Of course, it fluctuates but is always above 80 degrees.

  3. I am thinking of taking my daughters somewhere this summer this looks exactly like something they would enjoy.Is there hotels close or on site there

    • Due to safety reasons, a child must be 42 inches to do the three largest slides. The slides on the Mezzanine can be used by children 36 inches and taller so he could enjoy these. He could also enjoy the wave pool, lazy river and activity pool.

  4. I have a child who meets the minimum height requirement for all the rides, but is not able to swim; can he ride the slide without a life jacket? Thank you!

  5. My daughter is big enough for the bigger slides but I don’t know if she’s too young and will get scared; can someone ride with her or no? Would she be able to ride a slide on her dads lap?

    • Two of the big slides use tubes and we have both one person and two person tubes available. She would not be in her dads lap but in the opening in front of him. The other big slide is a body slide and safety requires only one person at a time.

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