Water-Zoo Biggest Splash Talk about a bucket of fun! The multi-level play structure features a 600 gallon Tipping Bucket that soaks everything below. Other features include fountains, water cannons, slides, and places to climb and hide from other zoo creatures.

Height Restriction:

36″ for slides on play structure


  1. 3-6-2013

    Are the height restrictions on the slides “seated height:? Thanks.

    • 5-6-2013

      They are standing heights.

  2. 3-24-2013

    Are there height restrictions for this?? Is it safe for a two year old with adult supervision?

    • 5-6-2013

      Children should be 36″ to play in this area. The Cubs Cove is suggested for younger patrons.

  3. 7-7-2013

    What are the restrictions to ride the rides while pregnant? And can the parents ride with their children on the rides?

    • 7-8-2013

      “For your safety pregnant women and people with heart conditions or back and neck problems should not ride this attraction” is the general rule with all attractions. A parent can ride with a child in a double tube if the child meets height requirements. They can not be held – must ride in their side of the double tube.

  4. 7-17-2013

    We are planning tinting 11 teens will they enjoy themselves?

    • 7-18-2013

      Yes, teens also enjoy the Water-Zoo on a daily basis!

  5. 5-2-2014

    are the pools 0 entry where a wheelchair can get in

    • 5-2-2014

      The wave pool is and it gives access to the lazy river. The activity pool has a lift for wheelchair entry.

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