Water-Zoo PricesDaily Admission

$21.99 Guests under 48″

$31.99 Guests 48″ & taller

Under 3 years FREE

Daily Admission AFTER 5PM

$15.99 Child under 48″

$21.99 Guests 48″ & taller








3 month Consecutive Pass (All Months except June, July, August)

$119.00 Individual

$299.00 Family of 4 ($75.00 for each additional family member)


Annual Pass (1 calendar year from date of purchase)

$529.99 Individual

$1299.99 Family of 4 ($120.00 for each additional family member)


Discounts and promotions will be offered through our e-club, Facebook, Clinton Daily News, and water-zoo.com. Prices are subject to change.


  1. 7-19-2012

    i was wondering if the $31.99 covers all day admission and if yall havefood there and prices? thank u

    • 7-23-2012

      Yes the fee covers all day admission.

      • 1-7-2013

        Can you bring your own food and drinks?

        • 1-9-2013


          We have a concession stand so we do not allow outside food or drinks. Only exception is when a birthday party package is booked, we allow the cake, cupcakes or cookies.

      • 1-10-2013

        excited to bring my 18m old for the day tomorrow, we are driving for El Reno, we went to Great wolf lodge a few weekends back and she loved, might be booking a birthday with you!

      • 1-13-2013

        I have a six year old grandchild not 48″ tall can she wear a life jacket

        • 1-14-2013

          Yes and we provide life jackets.

      • 1-13-2013

        Is the waterpark open all year long?

        • 1-14-2013

          Yes, but please check our calendar for days and hours.

      • 9-1-2013

        I just spoke to someone and they said you would be open Wed. Jan. 1st. Is this accurate?

        Julee Fluker

        • 9-3-2013

          We will be open the 1st of January 2014 from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. You can also click here to check our calendar.

  2. 8-24-2012

    Is the park exclusive to hotel guests or is it open to the general population too?

    • 8-27-2012

      We are open to the general public also.

  3. 10-5-2012

    Are you going to ever have Hotels and water park packages together ?

  4. 10-17-2012

    Is one of the hotels connected?

    • 10-19-2012

      The Holiday Inn is steps away. The Hampton Inn is about 1/2 mile away.

  5. 12-3-2012

    I was wondering if you can bring in A Birthday Cake? thanks :)

    • 12-5-2012

      Yes we do allow Cake, Cupcakes, or Cookies and Ice Cream when you book a birthday party.

      • 5-6-2013

        Cake, cupcakes, cookies and ice cream are allowed in the party rooms only.

  6. 12-15-2012

    Do the hotels allow dogs it is there a safe kennel close by?

    • 12-17-2012

      HI Kay,

      Yes both Hotels we own allow pets. The Holiday Inn Express has pet friendly rooms and the Hampton Inn has a kennel.

  7. 12-21-2012

    I was windering if the water temp is 80 degrees, or if that was room temp? was thinking about coming this weekend with my boys, buts it’s real cold this week, don’t want chilly water!?!?!

    • 12-26-2012

      Inside the building it is 82 degrees. Water is around 80-85 degrees.

  8. 12-27-2012


    • 12-28-2012

      Yes we have a concession stand serving hot dogs, nachos, pizza, hamburgers plus candy and more.

  9. 1-25-2013

    Can guests with food allergies bring their own food?

    • 1-29-2013

      No we do not allow outside food or drink, yet with a purchased wrist band you can leave and come back.

  10. 1-26-2013

    Do you guys take all types of credit cards at concession stand and entry to get in?

    • 1-29-2013

      We do Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

  11. 2-3-2013

    If hotel package is purchased what are they hours the park is available? Check in on Friday night? Only available all day Sat? Are the packages similar to GWL? Available on day you check in and day of check out?

    • 2-7-2013

      Hotel Package tickets are valid from 3pm Day of Check-in Through 6pm day of checkout. :)

  12. 2-6-2013

    Can we just show up after 5 pm with 6 children to swim? or do we need to book coming?

    • 2-7-2013

      You can just show up. :)

  13. 3-3-2013

    We visited the waterpark. We realized that you do not have innertube floats for babies. Next time can i take my own.

    • 5-6-2013

      If it is coast guard approved it will be allowed.

  14. 3-6-2013

    If you leave the park after paid admission, can you re-enter free?

    • 5-6-2013

      Yes, your wristband will get you in the water park all day.

  15. 3-10-2013

    Can teens go in

    • 5-6-2013

      Yes! Twelve years and over do not have to be accompanied by an adult.

  16. 3-13-2013

    what is the age that a parent does not have to be present?

    • 5-6-2013

      A child should be 12 years of age to enter without a parent.

  17. 3-13-2013

    Do you serve alcoholic beverages at the concession stand?

    • 5-6-2013


  18. 3-21-2013

    are there height restrictions on any of the areas or slides you offer?

    • 5-6-2013

      There are a few different areas. Big slides require 42″ and Mezzanine needs to be 36″.

  19. 3-22-2013

    We were there Wednesday March 20th & Thursday March 21st. We had 3 boys ages 9, 13 & 15. They all had a super time and was not ready to leave. I myself had not planned on getting in the water even though we had the package with 4 passes, but after about an hour of watching everyone, my nephew needed someone to ride the double tube down the yellow slide so I went. It was great…Then I went down the yellow slide 3 more times…loved it…We had a blast….We will be back..

  20. 4-4-2013

    Are children 3 years old Free? If so is their height from being small going to affect them from being able to go down all the slides?…

    • 5-6-2013

      Three and under are free. They will not be able to go down ALL the slides but there are areas for smaller children.

  21. 4-7-2013

    How for a one year old birthday party?

    • 5-6-2013

      The party package is not age specific. Please contact the water-zoo via phone for details (580)323-9966.

  22. 5-14-2013

    Will I still have to pay for general admission even if I don’t get in the water?

    • 5-15-2013

      We do not have a non swimmer price.

  23. 6-8-2013

    It says a consecutive pass is all months but summer months… Do you have a summer pass?

    • 6-10-2013

      We do have a pass for June, July, August. Please contact the Water-Zoo directly for more information. 580-323-9966

  24. 6-30-2013

    i wanted to book a package deal with water park and hotel but I only see 2 kids 2 adults. It would be 2 adults, 4 kids. Do you have a package for that?

    • 7-2-2013

      You can add extras to the package. Please contact the hotels for further information. Holiday Inn Express 580-323-1950 or Hampton Inn 580-323-4267

  25. 7-1-2013

    What time it open and closed?

    • 7-2-2013

      We open at 10:00 am and close at 9:00 pm everyday during the summer. The rest of the year we are open Fridays 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm and Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. We are open many holidays, please check our calendar.

  26. 7-7-2013

    hi do you guys take visa credit cards and what kinds of birthday package deals do you have and how many people and familys can you have booked for a birthday do you have to make a resevation and price??? thx

    • 7-8-2013

      Hello Ainsley – We do take visa cards. You will need to make a reservation for a Birthday Party. Please click here for pricing (it is under Parties and Packages). We have 3 party rooms. If you are planning a party over 40 people you will need to call the water park directly for reservations to make sure you get the two adjoining rooms. They can be reached at 580-323-9966.

  27. 7-7-2013

    hi do you guys take visa credit cards and what kinds of birthday package deals do you have and how many people and familys can you have booked for a birthday do you have to make a resevation and price??? thx

    • 7-8-2013

      Yes we take Visa. Please click here for party package information. The party package is for 10 but you can always add more. You will need to make a reservation and can do so online or by calling the water park directly at 580-323-9966

  28. 7-8-2013

    Can you bring your own pool float or raft or do you have to use the park tubes?

    • 7-9-2013

      We supply tubes for the slide and pools. If you are a non-swimmer we have life jackets or you may bring your own. Please make sure your personal flotation device (life jacket or puddle jumper) is coast guard approved.

  29. 7-12-2013

    Do you have a discount for the people that live in Clinton? What about people that are 65 or older?

    • 7-16-2013

      Hi Ginger! At times we offer deals in our local paper, the Clinton Daily News. They are not scheduled so just keep checking.

  30. 7-12-2013

    Are there any restrictions for infants? Can they get in the water as well?

    • 7-16-2013

      You can absolutely take your infant in the water if you wish. We do require they wear a swim diaper.

  31. 7-13-2013

    Where can I book for a hotel and park admission or campground with admission? I tried both links you provide but neither allowed me the option of including admission. We are wanting to come in august before school starts and I want to book before they fill up.

    • 7-16-2013

      You can simply call the Hotel or Water Park. Hampton Inn 580.323.4267, Holiday Inn Express 580.323.1950 or Water-Zoo (for campground) 580.323.9966.

  32. 7-20-2013

    I have a 7month old and my wife wants for us to come to the park. Is there a place in the park designed specifically for little guys?

    • 7-22-2013

      YES! The Cub’s Cove is special for the little ones. It is geared for toddlers with a very shallow water feature.

  33. 9-27-2013

    Do you have military discounts?

    • 9-30-2013

      No, we currently do not offer any additional discounts, thank you for your interest

  34. 10-6-2013

    I am trying to book tickets in advance online, but do not notice an area to enter the 10% discount code. Advice?? Thanks!

    • 10-7-2013

      If you click on “Purchase Tickets and passes” on the left side of the page it takes you to a second page where you can enter the promo code. If you need more help walking through it you can call us at (580)323-9966 Hope this helps

  35. 10-27-2013

    If I book a birthday party with you are we allowed to continue swimming after the party is over?

    • 10-30-2013

      With a Birthday Party Package you are allowed two hours in the party room and four hours in the water park.

  36. 11-3-2013

    What are all the extras u can buy?? Is there a gift shop?? My daughters going with a group of Girl Scouts. I’m looking for how much to send her for gifts?? Other stuff to do there??how much is the stuff in the concession stand??

    • 11-4-2013

      Hello Jennette! Water-Zoo has a gift shop with shirts, stuffed animals and other items. There is a concession area that offers several items from burgers and pizza to Dippin’ Dots and fruit.

  37. 2-1-2014

    I was wondering is there a time limit on the day you come? Like if we get there at 10 is that pass for all day or does it stop at a certain time?

    • 2-3-2014

      General Admission is for an all day pass. You can stay and play in the Water-Zoo from the time we open until the time we close on that day.

  38. 5-30-2014

    Last time we stayed, we did the hotel deal and had a blast! I can’t remember how it works though, I remember checking in and playing and then going the next day as well after breakfast, before checking out of the hotel. Do the passes get us entrance the entire time we’re at the hotel? Thanks! We love your WaterZoo and look forward to booking for a weekend in a week or so!

    • 5-30-2014

      Yes, it does. Our current hotel/Water-Zoo packages include 1 night at the hotel and 2 days of play. Please call the hotels for details.

  39. 6-7-2014

    Do 3 year Olds pay to enter or is age 3 free?

    • 6-10-2014

      3 and under are free.

  40. 6-20-2014

    Which day of the week has the smallest crowds?

    • 6-24-2014

      Monday through Thursday usually has the smallest crowds.

  41. 7-22-2014

    Do you have an email signup for details about the park and discounts?

    • 7-22-2014

      Yes, where it says subscribe to our mailing list on the first page of our website. You will become an e-club member by filling this out.

  42. 8-3-2014

    Do the prices listed for admission include tax?

    • 8-5-2014

      The prices listed do not include tax.

  43. 8-17-2014

    Do you offer group rates?

    • 8-18-2014

      Yes we do. We have group rates starting at 10-15 people.

  44. 11-9-2014

    Do you offer a weekend pass or a 2 day pass?

    • 11-10-2014

      We have hotel or RV/Water-Zoo packages that include 1 night lodging and 2 days swimming. For more information, please call the Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn or the Water-Zoo for the RV package.

  45. 2-10-2015

    When you book a room at the Holiday inn on the property does it include admission to the water park?

    • 2-10-2015

      We do have hotel/Water-Zoo packages that allow you to swim the day you check-in, stay the night and swim the next day. Please ask the hotel front desk about these. The Holiday Inn Express Clinton can be reached at 580-323-1950.

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