Water-Zoo Clinton Oklahoma

Water-Zoo Clinton Oklahoma

  • Bring a towel
  • FREE Tube Rental & Parking 
  • FREE Life Jacket Rental
  • Locker Rental $6 per day
  • No Outside Food or Drink
  • Concession Stand on Site 
  • Gift Shop on Site
  • Priority Entry Lanes 



  1. 12-25-2012

    what are your bathing suit rules? and what are your prices for new years eve???

    • 12-26-2012

      No Buckles, Zippers, or Thong Bikinis.

  2. 12-29-2012

    Are changing rooms and showers available?

    • 12-31-2012

      Yes we have both changing rooms and showers.

  3. 1-31-2013

    It says no outside food or drink. Do you have an allergen menu for your concessions, specifically gluten free food list?

    • 2-1-2013

      No we do not yet with paid admission you can leave the park and return.

  4. 2-28-2013

    Does the park accept Visa at the entrance and inside?

    • 5-6-2013

      We accept all major credit cards for admissions and you can use splash cash (which is loaded from your credit card to your wrist band) for concessions purchases.

  5. 3-11-2013

    Bring towels…from home or from the hotel room? We are not from here.

    • 5-6-2013

      We have towels on site. We suggest bringing towels from home but have the option of towels as well (we understand your need).

  6. 3-12-2013

    can you bring your own water wings or puddle jumpers for your children?

    • 5-6-2013

      All flotation devices must be coast guard approved (water wings are not approved).

  7. 3-13-2013

    What consession do you have on site? what the age cut off for childs ticket price?

    • 5-6-2013

      Our concession stand is full of options. We have everything from Hamburgers, hot dogs and fries to pizza, salads and fruit plus much much more! Our admission is based on height.

  8. 3-15-2013

    What do you serve in you concession stand?

    • 5-6-2013

      We have a variety of food and beverages. Hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, nachos, fruit, pizza…etc

  9. 3-21-2013

    Is there a hotel attached to the water park? If not, what hotels are close by?

    • 5-6-2013

      Holiday Inn Express is just a few steps away, not attached but very close. Hampton Inn is also very close.

  10. 3-29-2013

    Do you have group rates. I am a 4H club sponsor and I am looking for a new place to take the kids for their end of the year party!

    • 5-6-2013

      Yes, we do have group rates. Please call us directly for details. (580)323-9966.

  11. 4-5-2013

    Do I need to use sun screen on my child?

    • 5-6-2013

      During cooler weather the roof will be closed so it may not be necessary (use your own discretion). As weather warms up, the roof will be opened and the sun will shine in.

  12. 4-30-2013

    Is there an age limit, meaning parents and adults can also enjoy??

    • 5-6-2013

      Absolutely age limitless!! Adults can and do enjoy!

  13. 5-5-2013

    Can you wear a t-shirt over your bathing suit?

    • 5-6-2013


  14. 5-9-2013

    I have a 2 year old, but she is not potty trained yet. Are swim diapers aloud? What kinds of things are there for kids her age?

    • 5-15-2013

      YES! Actually, swim diapers are required for those that are not yet potty trained, thank you for asking! There is a cubs cove that has several attractions for the toddlers.

  15. 5-12-2013

    how much are tickets

    • 5-15-2013

      Prices vary by height, please click here for more information.

  16. 5-19-2013

    We want to bring our teenage grandchildren but we don’t want to go in the water ourselves. Do you have a place where we can observe? Is there a charge, and if so, is it a discounted price?

    • 5-21-2013

      You can stay in the administration building/snack bar area and view through the huge glass windows at no charge. If you wish to enter the water park then you must purchase an armband. Please contact us if you have further questions at 580-323-9966.

  17. 5-28-2013

    Do you serve any type of alcoholic beverages?

    • 5-28-2013

      We do not serve, nor do we allow any type of alcoholic beverages in the water park or admission building.

  18. 5-28-2013

    Do u guys have a three person tube? If not can we bring out own?

    • 5-29-2013

      Thank you for asking, we do not have a three person tube. We allow coast guard approved flotation devices into our park-must say “coast guard approved” (a three person tube would not be allowed on the slides)

  19. 6-4-2013

    Do you have cabannas available for families to rent for the day?

    • 6-6-2013

      Yes, we do. We have two cabanas and a sky box.

  20. 6-14-2013

    I have a 2yr old granddaughter I would like to bring to the cub’s cove, would I be charged and observer rate for myself or the adult price? (I would not be swimming since she would require my full attention)

    • 6-14-2013

      Hi Bonnie, we do not have an observer rate. If you intend to go out with the kiddos the adult admission would apply.

  21. 6-21-2013

    How is the water treated? Is it chlorine or saltware?

    • 6-24-2013

      Water-Zoo has a fresh water system, it is treated with chlorine.

  22. 6-26-2013

    Does the concession stand stay open until 9?

    • 6-26-2013

      The concession area is open until 8pm nightly.

  23. 6-28-2013

    what are the prices for the concession stand.

    • 7-2-2013

      Hello Kristan,
      Please feel free to contact the Water-Zoo at 580-323-9966 for complete details on food pricing. There are many items on the menu.

  24. 6-29-2013

    It says ya charge by height but yet children under 3 are free? Please explain. Dont want any suprises. Thank you!

    • 7-2-2013

      YES! Children under 3 years of age are FREE!
      Daily Admission
      $21.99 Guests under 48″
      $31.99 Guests 48″ & taller
      Under 3 years FREE
      Daily Admission AFTER 5PM
      $15.99 Guests under 48″
      $21.99 Guests 48″ & taller

  25. 7-13-2013

    If we stay at the campground is the admission to the park included and what is the price? Also do you allow tent camping at the campground? I have only seen rv site advertised. Do we need to make reservations for the campground?
    Thank you

    • 7-16-2013

      Please contact the campground for pricing on campground and package deals at 580.323.9966. Tent camping is allowed but all sites are equipped for rv. You will need to make a reservation for the package deal.

  26. 7-13-2013

    What are priority entry lanes?

    • 7-16-2013

      Priority Entry Lanes are a fast track to fun. They simply allow advance purchase customers (hotel guests included) to skip the admission process and go straight to get their wrist bands in a separate line.

  27. 8-7-2013

    My daughter needs to wear arm floaties. Is this allowed?

    • 8-8-2013

      Water-Zoo allows coast guard approved flotation devices. Arm floaties don’t fall under this approval but puddle jumpers do (arm floaties with an attached band that goes around their chest).

  28. 8-8-2013

    What size are the lockers for rent? We are a family of 5 and wondered if our family could share one.

    • 8-8-2013

      A family of 5 may need more than one locker. For locker measurements please contact the park directly at 580-323-9966.

  29. 8-9-2013

    If I purchase tickets today online are they able to be used tomorrow?

    • 8-9-2013

      Yes, you can buy today for tomorrow on general admission tickets.

  30. 8-16-2013

    Are there group rates? Would like to have my Childs birthday party there. Is something like that possible?

    • 8-16-2013

      Hi Kris! We do have group rates and Birthday Party packages. You may click here to see the party packages or call 580-323-9966 for group booking and prices.

  31. 8-25-2013

    Do you have life jackets small enough for a 2 year old?

    • 8-26-2013

      Yes, we do have life jackets small enough for 2 year old children.

  32. 8-27-2013

    Where can the observers hang out at while the kids play. Do you have a spa or nail shop on the grounds?

    • 8-28-2013

      We have our snack bar area and our administrative building available for those who do not want to swim.

  33. 9-25-2013

    Was trying to buy tickets online use the 10% off promo code but wanted to use it towards the after 5pm price. Do promo codes only apply to full price admission?

    • 9-26-2013

      Yes, the promotional discount is for the all day admission tickets. The after 5pm tickets are able to be purchased at the park when you arrive after 5pm.

  34. 10-2-2013

    Is your water park “special needs” friendly? I have a daughter that has cerebral palsy but loves the water and I would like to brink her.

  35. 12-25-2013

    I’m so excited!!!!! I can’t wait until we get there! my friend is having a birthday party there!! How much fun would you say it is?

    • 12-26-2013

      Hello Jess! You will have a FANTASTIC time at the Water-Zoo! Enjoy your time with us and we look forward to serving you!

  36. 12-28-2013

    Are children 3 and under free? Also, do you allow children under 48″ to ride on their parents laps or with them on the slides? What is there available for a small almost 4 year old play on other than the toddler cove?

    • 12-30-2013

      Hi Ashlee! Children under age 3 are free. For the large slides they must be 42″ to ride. They can ride in a double tube in their own side of it. The toddler area has spray toys and a very small toddler slide. 36″ and taller can visit the mezzanine where there are several slides and water features as well as the huge water dumping bucket.

  37. 2-15-2014

    We are coming to a birthday party, so will my 4 month old son be able to get in the pools with my husband and I?

    • 2-17-2014

      Your young son will be able to get in the pools and river with you, just make sure he is wearing a swim diaper. Thank you for your inquiry and enjoy your visit!

  38. 3-19-2014

    How old do you have to be to get in without an adult there with you?

    • 3-20-2014

      Candace they need to be 12 to enjoy the park without an adult.

  39. 6-9-2014

    If we buy general admission tickets can we leave the park and reenter the same day?

    • 6-10-2014

      Yes, you can.

  40. 7-4-2014

    Do you sell water proof diapers for todlers and how much

    • 7-7-2014

      Yes we do. Please call the Water-Zoo for current pricing.

  41. 7-5-2014

    Do we need to purchase tickets/reservations on line or can we just pay when we arrive?

    • 7-7-2014

      You can pay when you arrive.

  42. 7-12-2014

    I have tried going to IHG website and link above for packages for hotel and park, but cannot find any packages listed. All I get when I click on link is for rooms, nothing mentioned about park other than that it is next door as a near attraction. I am looking at King Suite 2 Adults 3 children 8, 12, 14 all of us are over 48″. R passes to park included with stay at hotel so included in price of room?

    • 7-12-2014

      Yes, we have packages that include both the hotel room and the Water-Zoo. Please call the hotel for details at 580-323-1950.

  43. 7-30-2014

    which of the 2 hotels is closest to the water zoo?

    • 7-30-2014

      The Holiday Inn Express is right next door to the Water-Zoo. The Hampton Inn is about 1/2 mile away.

  44. 12-10-2014

    Do you have gift certificates available?

    • 3-31-2015

      Yes we do. Please call the Water-Zoo for details 580-323-9966.

  45. 1-31-2015

    How warm is it when the roof is closed?

    • 1-31-2015

      The air temperature is 82°.

  46. 3-3-2015

    I was wondering if we get a hotel room next door is it possible to add an additional water park pass to it or if we would have to do that separate from the hotel? If you are unable to answer my question could you give me a phone number I can contact dealing this matter.

    • 3-4-2015

      Yes, you can add an additional person to the hotel/Water-Zoo package through the hotel. The front desk clerk can help you with this. Their phone number is 580-323-1950.

  47. 3-16-2015

    How much is it to rent the floats and life jackets? And is it for the whole day?

    • 3-18-2015

      We do not charge for life jackets or tubes. The life jackets are for the full day and the tubes are for while you are using them.

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