Firefighter battling the Countyline Road fire outside Clinton, Oklahoma

Celebrating Local Heroes is a new program by Water-Zoo indoor water park in Clinton, Oklahoma!

From Firemen to Police to Sheriff’s Deputies to OHP to EMTs to the Military, we will be offering these heroes special prices in recognition of their service. Our other guests, and especially their kids, will have the opportunity to meet our Local Heroes in person!

As a start, the weekend of May 5th and 6th is dedicated to our Firefighters!

  • The offer is extended do ALL Oklahoma firefighters!
  • Firefighters enter for free!
  • Spouses or significant others of these Local Heroes and their unmarried children under 18 years old will be admitted for $15.99 each.
  • Firefighters and their families who’d like to stay overnight will be offered $40 discount off the price of the Water-Zoo Hampton Inn hotel package.
  • These discounts are NOT available online!
  • Firefighters need a photo ID and some credentials from the department or their union etc. showing them to be an active firefighter or volunteer.

On Saturday, the Clinton Fire truck will be on display in the Water-Zoo parking lot.

On Saturday and Sunday a private firetruck will be available for kids to explore.